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Nebraska Wines & Beers Featured at Slattery Vintage Estates
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Nebraska Wines

All wines $6 Glass / $18 Bottle

Dry Red (lightest to heaviest)

Poet’s Red ~ Cuthills Vineyard (Pierce) - nice blend, very well balanced, smooth.

St. Brigid’s Blend ~ SVE’s own Norton blend - fruity, smooth, great with food!

Five O’Clock Magic ~ Superior Est (Superior) - wild berries and warm fruit, Gold winner!

Temparia ~ Cuthills Vineyard (Pierce) - new hybrid, Tempranillo crossed with Riparia.

Chambourcin ~ Glacial Till Winery (Palmyra) - hints of pepper spice, smoke, black cherry.

Off-Dry Reds (between sweet and dry)

Lushous ~ Silver Hills (Tekamah) - lives up to it’s name, supple and full- bodied

Semi-Sweet Red (lightest to heaviest)

The Dance ~ Cedar Hills (Ravenna) - sweet, supple, sure to please!

Jesse James ~ Nissen Wines (Hartington) - medium-bodied red, gets your taste buds dancing.

Fourteenth Harvest Red ~ Silver Hills Vineyard (Tekamah) - fruity, fragrant, sweet palate.

Blush (less sweet to more sweet)

Twilight ~ Superior Est. (Superior) - floral, rich blackberry & cherry. Double Gold!

Annevar Blush ~ Cedar Hills (Ravenna) - flavorful & delicate, delightfully delicious.

Buzzard’s Roost Blush ~ Mac’s Creek (Lexington) - light, fruity, sweet as strawberry pie.

Dry White (light style to heavier)

St. Pepin ~ Cuthills Winery (Pierce) - mineral overtones, ultra-light.

Robert’s Back 40 ~ Whiskey Run Creek (Brownville) - fresh, dry, like pinot grigio.

Seyval ~ Silver Hills Winery (Tekamah) - reminds you of an unoaked chardonnay.

Prudent Pelican ~ Big Cottonwood (Tekamah) - Brianna and Prairie Star, light tropical, fresh.

Off -Dry White      (less sweet to more sweet)

Prairie Star ~ Silver Hills Winery (Tekamah) - floral, vanilla notes, soft, complex.

Zephyr ~ Glacial Till Winery (Palmyra) - named for the vineyard dog, it’s very special!

Cayuga White Gold ~ Superior Est (Superior) - lemon blossom, green apple, pear, gold winner!

Seyval ~ Prairie Creek Vineyard (Central City) - crisp, smooth, little sweet finish.

Semi-Sweet White (less sweet to more sweet)

LaCrosse ~ Glacial Till Winery (Palmyra) - made in the German Riesling style.

Riesling ~ Whiskey Run Creek (Brownville) - a full run Riesling fron Nebraska!

Moonshine ~ Prairie Creek Vineyard (Central City) - feels sweet and fruity on the tongue.

2 Brothers ~ James Arthur Vineyards (Raymond) - spicy & sassy flavors of pears and apples.

Edelweiss ~ James Arthur Vineyards (Raymond) - award winning, stimulating & delightful.

Doc Middleton ~ Nissen Wines (Hartington) - soft, fruity, tropical aromas.

Brianna ~ Cuthills Vineyards (Pierce) - pear and apricot aromas, sweet & smooth.

Sweet Ass White ~ Prairie Creek Vineyard (Central City) - sweet and fruity, fancy!

Fruit & Dessert Wine

After Dark ~ Raspberry,  Mac’s Creek (Lexington) - lucious raspberries, fresh!

Apple Raspberry ~ Whiskey Run Creek (Brownville) - 90% apple, 10% raspberry.

Rhubarb ~ Cedar Hills (Ravenna) - all rhubarb, this is a sweet delight!

Raspberry Twister ~ Superior Est. (Superior) - white wine with infused raspberry flavors.          

Early Morning Dew ~ Honey Mead (Lewellen) - all honey, great with apple dishes!

Prairie Fire ~ Glacial Till Winery (Palmyra)  ($20/btl) - port style wine, 500ml bottle, 20% alc.

Craft Beers   $4

Abita Beer - Abita Springs, LA

Purple Haze (Raspberry Wheat)

Amber Ale(Munich Style Lager)

Turbodog(dark brown ale)

Strawberry Harvest (Summer seasonal)

Lucky Bucket - La Vista, NE

Pre-Prohibition Style (Lager)

India Pale Ale (Hoppy IPA)

Heartland Wheat (very light)

Empyrean Brewing - Lincoln, NE

Chaco Canyon (Honey Gold)

Dark Side Vanilla Porter

Schilling Bridge - Pawnee City, NE

Git-R-Done (Golden Lager)

70 SchillingBridge (Scottish Ale)

Zipline - Lincoln, NE

Copper Alt (Ale/Lager cross)

On Tap…. Ask for a free sample! 

Hopluia!    Spilker Brewing Co, Cortland, NE


Miller Lite,  Bud,  Bud Light, Blue Moon, Paulaner Oktoberfest

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